Technology and Its Pollutants

pasig river contaminated with industrial pollutants


Introduction: Nowadays, when we hear the word technology it always come up with the word pollutant. In our blog we can see the major pollutants that we use to produce technology and the ways on how we will manage our waste. We will discuss the major pollutant in technology such as the battery, CFC and the carbon monoxide. We can also say that our blog is special because the topic that we have here are very interesting specially for us teenagers because we will discuss the ways on how we will manage or dispose our gadgets that will not cause any harm to our enviroment. We will also share to our viewers the activities on how we will manage our waste such as Cellphone Recycle, trash for money, And the malls activity around the Philippines on how do they reduced the plastic materials. And ofcourse, the companies that are behind these projects such as the Cellphone Companies, Battery supliers and the malls in the Philippines. This is only a short journey towards the information that we need to save our enviroment, so we hope that this blog site can make you satisfy with the latest updates about our technology as well as our environment.

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